Meet the Catskill Guides

Adam Rivas
Local C02 service technician & co-coordinator for the Catskill Mtns Jamboree, Adam has a passion for Jeeping, which is good since he manages to break bones on anything that goes any faster! Adam lays out most of the trails at the event & is constantly thinking of new ways to get you stuck. When not working on trails, he may be found in his shop helping all of his less capable, but willing to get abused, friends that lean on his jeep building skills!

Bill Davis
Computer software guru to pay the bills, this Vermont born huckleberry who resides in Bedford, NH loves off-roading more than we can tell you. “Not too stable” might sum up Bill since we've seen him strip naked to search a mud bog for a lost $20 tow strap in 40 degree water. Great guide on the trails and handy if you lose anything in an ice cold swamp. (Note: Sheep sounds make him feel at home). You may also recognize Bill & his partner Brian McDonald as the coordinators of the Killington Mtn Jeep Jamboree in VT each spring..but please don't boost his ego and tell him you liked that trip!!

Bob Westerman
This well seasoned Jeep enthusiast is a full time service tech at our local Jeep dealership. “Jeepitis” hit Bob hard since his collection includes a 1952 Willys CJ-3A, 1952 Willys M38, a 1950 CJ-V35/U, and most recently a new Rubicon on which he is attempting to break things that even has the engineers at Jeep scratching their heads.

George Geyer
Unmistakably George with his “Puddle Jumper” jeep, George has been a fixture at the Catskills Jamboree since we started. This Long Island electrician brings many years of off-road experience to the trails as well as a lot of laughs. George is often heavy with the right foot, so don't get too close if you happen to be near the mud with this guy!

Jim Rapp
This long time mechanic at a Jeep dealership in Northern NJ decided to hang up the wrenches after watching one too many episodes of COPS and change careers. Rumor has it that no one driving a Jeep through Ringwood, NJ will ever get a ticket, but I wouldn't push my luck. If you go out with Jim, you'll appreciate his patient, well thought out guiding skills, but please, easy on the donut jokes!

Jim Oostryk
Like Mike, you might recognize Jim as the owner of OK4WD in NJ. Jim has been a supporter of many off-roading events in the Northeast including the Catskill Mtns Jeep Jamboree for many years. His knowledge & experience on the trail is almost as extensive as his line of BS stories he tells around the fire at night!

Mike Taylor
This local propane & fuel oil dealer and Catskill Mtns Jamboree Coordinator, got his start by getting his grandfather's 67 Scout stuck in a stream when he was 13 years old. Water running through the cab, prayed not to get caught. Didn't work. Grounded ‘'til 25 years old. Been in many dumb places since then, but loves his winch! Together with Adam, decided to bring a Jamboree back home to the Catskills.

Rich Brienza
Concrete & building supply dealer from New Hyde Park, NY. Showed at the first Catskill Jamboree with brand new Grand Cherokee. Put his warranty to the limit on that trip, loved it and has been addicted ever since. Only guy we know that planned his house renovations around getting taller “Swampers” (tires) so he could get in the garage with his Jeep!

Shaun Chapman
Ringwood, NJ is home for this Cadillac service tech that was dubbed “Super Jeep” by a local newspaper reporter at the 2002 Jamboree after spending the day with Shaun. (Have you ever seen a reporter covered with mud from head to toes?) Shaun is a handy guy on the trail with a contagious smile that cant help but make you think he's got to be up to something devious!

Shay Lawton
Service manager for a construction equipment co, Shay could put Jesse James’ Monster Garage to shame with his ability to fix or make anything to get a Jeep running out of thin air. This McGiver of the woods is as crafty as a fox, loves to kick up the mud and will guarantee a great time. (Note: please don't mention his dents...each has a story and you won't have time to hear them all!).

Stu Fargiano
This Virginia dentist transforms into a Jeepin’ Hillbilly in his free time. (Who else would hang a closed sign on his office door that says, “closed for a month, gone to the Rubicon”.) Stu can talk about impacted wisdom teeth, Jeeping in woods of  Kentucky or about gear ratios in his Atlas II transfer case in the same breath, so we guarantee no boredom with Stu!

Tony Rivas
Mild mannered dental lab owner by day turns mad-man, Purple Jeep driving guide by weekend. This former farmer spent his youth racing on the local streets in the late 50’s & 60’s and transformed to playing in the mud later on. Tony owns much of the property your trail is on and loves to get his guests muddy!

Rich Baum
A local Monticello attorney during the week, Rich has worked hard to break in (and just plain break!) his Unlimited Rubicon on our trails around here. Rich cut back on his former full time hobby of competitive pistol shooting for jeeping a while back, so no matter how bad he gets you stuck - our advice is don't challenge this old sharpshooter to a duel!

Brian McDonald
From Northern Vermont, a stones throw from the Canadian border, this fuel oil delivery guy brings many years of experience with him. Horses & motorcycles are in his garage next to his never ending project jeep. You may also recognize Brian as the coordinator and ever talkative emcee of the Killington Mtn Jeep Jamboree in VT, but like with Bill, please don't boost his ego and praise his jamboree too much!

Matt Ehlermann
This Commercial HVAC & refrigeration company owner might like to keep the ice cubes cold in the restaurants, but he sure heats up the rocks in the woods! Born & raised in Slate Hill, NY, his wife has the front yard looking like Martha Stewart’s while out back, Matt has his jeep collection & 4 pet pigs. Neighbors must love him!

Paul Kovacs
Paul's a Connecticut landscape contractor that brings many years of off-road experience with him. We're all just hoping that with Paul's streak of bad luck that his
Jeep holds together for the weekend, so please don't entice him to break stuff!

Mike Barbara
 This landscaper from Long Island, NY has spent many years coming to the trails in the Catskills & the Pocono Mountains. Mikes great at keeping you laughing, give you some pointers on keeping your landscaping looking sharp and get you through the worst of woods with ease!

Steve Risk
 This mad man is known up & down the east coast for his assistance at various jeeping events. A mild mannered construction company executive during the week, Risk rolls up his sleeves with the best of them and you're guaranteed not to have a dull moment. As the sticker says on the side of his Jeep... "Risk It". You won't have to ask if you spend a day out with him on the trail!

 Ian Kiss
Machinist by day and avid 4 wheeler racer on the weekends. This whole jeeping thing took some time to get this fast paced A TV fanatic to comprehend, so go easy on him - he's still going through those 'need for speed' withdrawals!

Kevin Ledder 

Kevin Conklin
This architect from Catskill NY can give you the technical plans for each trail in a CAD file or can get you through the toughest of trails with ease.  Since fatherhood, Kevin’s calmed down quite a bit, spent the first couple Jamborees in a tent at Willys and rumor has it he tried to rekindle the ghost of Jose Cuervo.  If you’re on Kevin’s trail, you’re sure to have a good time.

Rob Green 

 Ed Barbara