What is a Jeep Jamboree?

For over 50 years, Jeep owners and their guests have participated in unforgettable weekend outings called Jeep Jamborees. With gear piled high and anticipation running even higher, Jeep 4x4 enthusiasts have trekked down long-abandoned logging roads, chased rocky trails through canyons, and explored forgotten mines and ghost towns. Rarely have they driven on paved roads. Rarely have they wanted to.

These trips that wind through every spectacular corner of the country - trips that match every skill level and budget. Take a leisurely drive to see spring blooms or autumn colors. Or join those intrepid souls who challenge the Rubicon Trail in California - the most demanding 22 miles of off-highway driving in America and the place where Jamborees began.

Fun-filled Jeep Jamborees provide unprecedented opportunities to discover stunning backcountry, challenge your vehicle, and meet friendly people who are as genuine as the Jeep vehicle itself. In over 50 years, some things never change.
The Annual Catskill Mountains Jeep Jamboree is a fun filled event for all skill levels of Jeep owner from showroom stock to modified.  The wide variety of trails offers participants challenges at all levels with a fun filled weekend you'll be sure never to forget.  Ford a stream, climb over rocks, splash through deep mud and see some of the best unspoiled scenery the Catskills has to offer, some of which may only be seen by four wheel drive.

To register or for more information call
Jeep Jamboree USA at (530) 333-4777 or sign up at the web site http://www.jeepjamboreeusa.com.
Trail sign up takes place at the event headquarters at Mr. Willy's Restaurant, State Route 42 in Monticello on Thursday night.
A breakfast buffet is served to participants early Friday morning as groups break off to their perspective trails for a day of off-roading adventure.  A prepared lunch is provided for a break on the trail to enjoy with your fellow Jeepers.  After an afternoon of trails, return to Mr. Willys for dinner and nightly activities & entertainment.  Try your luck balancing your jeep on logs or climb over a crushed car.  You'll be amazed what your Jeep vehicle and you can do!  After dinner watch videos of the day's activities on one of the provided TV's at Mr.Willy's or join others outside by the nightly bon-fire.

Saturday is much of the same, but with your choice of different trails.  After a gourmet dinner, winners are drawn for a wide variety of prizes which include a Ramsey Winch, a set of Good Year Tires and many other items.  Join us around the fire and listen to the sounds of the scheduled nightly entertainment.
Sunday morning there is a continental breakfast at Mr.Willy's before your trip home with plenty fond memories, lots of good pictures and just a little more mud on that Jeep than when you arrived!   
* A note about our trails:   All of our trails are located on private property.  Please be respectful of the landowners as we  are their invited guests.  Stay on the trails at all times and leave only your tire tracks.  These trails are only open for the Jeep Jamboree weekend and are not open for public use at any other times.